Through Val Forno (4h15, T3, trail marking: white-red-white)

The trail leads the visitor through all vegetation zones in wonderful mountain scenery – from the forests round Maloja through alps covered with Alpine roses and meadows above the Lägh da Cavloc (Lake Cavloc) to a gorgeous alluvial plain below the glacier with lots of marmots. The trail was renovated in 2016 and is now easier to hike. It is feasible for children with some experience of mountain hiking – and it can easily be combined with the other summer trail for a circuit tour.

Starting in Maloja, follow a private unpaved road (shortcuts possible) up to the Lägh da Cavloc (Lake Cavloc). Suggestion: Take the side trail to the idyllic Lägh da Bitabergh (Lake Bitabergh, see signpost). Although this is a detour, you only need an additional 20-30 minutes.

The Lägh da Cavloc is a good place for a break: A restaurant with terrace on the other side of the lake is open from June till October, usually every day.

From the lake, you soon arrive at the Alp da Cavloc (cheese-making farm). From there, the unpaved track narrows to a hiking trail, which at Plan Canin enters the Val Forno.

At first, the trail gains altitude very slowly. Only during the last hour it steepens. One walks now impressively close to the Forno Glacier, and the hut flag is already in sight.