Panoramaweg (5h, T3+, trail marking: white-red-white)

This alternative trail is panoramic because it affords splendid views over the surrounding scenery and passes among various charming lakelets that reflect the nearby mountain peaks. This trail is also suitable for children with some experience of mountain hiking.

Up to the signpost at Plan Canin, the trail is the same as the one through Val Forno. But here it turns left across a bridge to the Val Muretto. At an altitude of approximately 2300m, it leaves the valley floor and takes you up to a beautiful mountain terrace.

From there, the trail goes out onto the west flank of the Piz dei Rossi. The ensuing traverse affords great views into Val Forno and to the opposite side of the valley, but it can also require caution on steep spring snowfields.

Soon afterwards, the terrain becomes smoother again. You have now reached the foot of Monte del Forno. From P. 2728 the hut can be reached in a smooth descent, within 30-40 minutes.